Vision and values

UFMD is an initiative started in UA by four leading agrarian universities of Ukraine coordinated by HSWT (Germany) to bring new methods to support practical-oriented education on one hand and support farmers on the other hand.
The ever increasing demand for food and challenges like Climate Change means the need for transformational changes in Agriculture. It is important to support farm enterprises to have access to reliable, sound and comparable farm management data to make the right decisions in this process. Therefore, close cooperation between farm enterprises and HEIs is needed.
The availability of practice-oriented training and reliable farm management data for the prospering development of farm enterprises was seen as one of the most serious obstacles for small and mid-sized farm development.

Work Packages

For the implementation of the project, four project areas were defined in the project application and structured with quantitative and qualitative milestones:

WP 1 Organizational and administrative project support, backstopping
WP 2. Continuous data collection from agricultural companies
WP 3. Data evaluation, coordination, data merging and creation of data collections at the (partner higher education institution) PHEI
WP 4. Internal network workshops of the PHEI
WP 5. Workshops for college
WP 6. Dissemination


farm visits


Students collect data on the farm

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Gross margins calculated


teaching courses data are used in

Impact of the project

The project supports:
- the education of the future decision-makers by linking them to farm situations, calculation of relevant farm management data, experiences in farm data collections, knowledge of basic production procedure figures
- the cooperation between university and enterprises
- the enterprises by having access to relevant farm management data, methodology, future staff, comparable data.
- extension services by access to relevant basic planning data.

1. Presentation and explanation of the project to farm managers
2. Contract between farm and University
3. All collected data are used and published strictly anonymous
4. Measure 1: Placements
Placement of students of relevant study courses for 6 – 16 weeks. Students are supervised by farm staff and lecturer. They are working on the farm and collect data about agreed production procedures.
Measure 2: Students data collection as part of the study course
Students are visiting supervised by a lecturer a farm and collect farm management data. The data are afterwards discussed and corrected in the classroom.
Measure 3: Thesis
Students are working to a topic agreed between enterprise and university and collect farm management data.
5. Gross margin analyses are sampled in a data collection to be used for lecturing and creating relevant expertise.
6. Participating farms receive the result of the data collection and are treated as privileged partners of the university.
7. At the end of each year (November or December) there is a workshop to inform participating farms about the work and results of UFMD and to prepare the tasks for the next year.

Project goals

Cooperation university -farm enterprise

Practice-oriented study

Farm management database

Farm support

Dissemination and Exploitation