On October 30, 2018, a working meeting was held at the NUBiP within the framework of the international project “Ukrainian Farm Management Data” (UFMD) (funded by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)).

The project complements the implementation of the tasks of the Erasmus + project “From theoretical to practical training in agricultural sciences / TOPAS”. TOPAS has ten universities from Germany, England, Poland, Romania, Armenia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. From Ukraine, NUBiP and SNAU are involved.

At the kick-off event, Prof. dr. R. Schlauderer, Dean of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences (HSWT), Mr. H.-G. Hassenpflug, coordinator of the project “Promotion of vocational training and agricultural colleges in Ukraine (FABU)”, Prof. A. Geta, national coordinator of the FABU, Prof. N. Strochenko, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, Dr. med. S. Lukas, Vice-Dean for working with foreign students, A. Brychko, Assistant Professor of Economic Affairs, L. Kalachevska, Head of the International Cooperation Office (all SNAU), A. Kucherova, Head of the Department of Financial Aid Activities (NUWMEE) , O. Chrystenko, Ass. Prof. K. Tuzhyk, National Coordinator of UFMD.

UFMD has thus been able to expand its partnerships and is involved in two other Ukrainian universities: the Mykolayiv National Agrarian University (MNAU) and the National University of Water Management and Environmental Engineering in Rivne (NUWMEE).

The aim of the UFMD is the creation of basic business data. An important advantage lies in the establishment of long-term cooperation with partner universities and colleges. In the future, it is planned to transfer acquired experience and methods to other agricultural universities and colleges.

The UFMD project supports the improvement of the training of future professionals and the conduct of research in the agricultural sector.

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Publication in frame of Tropentag 2019, 18-20 Sept., 2019, Kassel, Germany

Ukrainian Farm Management Data Network – Practice Oriented Approach for an Innovative Practice Oriented Training of Students KATERYNA TUZHYK1, ALINA BRYCHKO2, ALLA KUCHEROVA3, OLGA KHRYSTENKO4, RALF SCHLAUDERER5 1National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Cybernetics Economic, Ukraine 2Sumy National Agrarian Uiversity, Economics, Ukraine 3National University of Water and Environmental Engineering, Dept. of Agrochemistry, […]


UFMD Workshop at the HSWT (Germany) with Agritechnica visit in Hannover

[:ru]Координаторы UFMD провели 4-дневный семинар в HSWT в Германии. [:en]The UFMD coordinators conducted under the management of the national coordinator Ass.Prof. Tuzhyk a 4 days workshop at HSWT in Germany to further push the development of the data collection. [:ua]Координатори UFMD провели 4-денний семінар в HSWT в Німеччині. [:de]UFMD Koordinatoren führten einen 4-tägigen Workshop an der HSWT in Deutschland durch. [:]