For the implementation of the project, four project areas were defined and structured with quantitative and qualitative milestones:

  1. Participatory measures
  2. Data collection
  3. Data use in teaching
  4. Public relations

Network meetings and workshops

Network meetings are used to exchange and plan project activities and take place at partner universities in Ukraine. Workshops are used to further develop the data collection approach and are carried out in Germany.
Two network meetings and two workshops were carried out as planned.

Inclusion of colleges

UFMD's goal is to improve data availability at universities. It started with four universities, but the goal is to spread the approach and involve more educational institutions. Four colleges in 2019 could be included.

Participation of students in the data collection

The farm data collection in the UFMD is carried out by students and Ph.D. students. In 2019, 68 students / Ph.D. students took part in company visits for data collection.

Data collection

In the first 12 months, the universities involved concluded contracts for data collection with 29 agricultural companies in 2019 and 34 company visits were carried out.


farm visits


students involved


gross margins are calculated


teaching courses are used data

Коротко о нас


Results for 2019

ID Модуль Опис План Факт
1 Участь Поїздок на п-ва 20 34 (29 договорів з під-ми)
  Залучених студентів 60 68
  Коледжі 8 4
  Консорціум закріплений закріплений
  Робочі зустрічі 2 2
  Воркшопи 2 2
2 Збір даних МД прораховано 80 >100
  Дипломні роботи 4 4
3 Начання Навчальні дисципліни 4 14
4 Розповсюдження сайт опублікований опублікований
  Сторінка в соцмережах створена створена
  Публікації xxx 3

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